A DJ With Class

Serving the Greater Ft. Meyers Area
Bonita Springs, FL 34136

When you're looking for an entertainment company that will help create a special and personalized classy event, A DJ With Class should be your choice.

With Proper Planning, we help make your ideas work even better. Here are our company standards:

* Our Complete Attention
* Proper Attire
* Arrival & Set-up: Done before your reception for testing and tuning
* Equipment Presentation: State of the art, clean and set up for optimum safety and visually appealing
* Backup equipment is kept on site
* Proper Music and Guests Requests
* Proper Volume Levels
* Close Coordination with all your other wedding reception professionals

You Customize - We Personalize

We also stay on top popular trends and can provide those services to enhance the feel and excitment to your reception. View example images and visit our website for more details and descriptions

Monogram Lighting
Recording Hotline

A professional DJ Company with over 28 years of wedding reception entertainment experience. Our PASSION is making your wedding "A Dream Come True." One that will be remembered by you and your guests for years to come!

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